The 2017 Central States Region Super Cups, regular Points Race season has come to an end.

Congratulations to everyone that showed up this year to race with

The #1 Super Cup Series, Central States Region Super Cups!!

Top 5 CSR racers

#53 Zachary Tinkle CSR Super Cups 2017 Points Champion with 714 points

#27 Alex Ertmann, taking 2nd place with 709 points

#4 Steve Naples, taking 3rd with 703 points

#43 Rookie Connor Kosowski taking 4th with 702 points

#75 Michael Mucha rounding off the top 5 with 692 points

6th - 18th place registered CSR Drivers

 #8 Payton Glodowski (R) with 525 points 

#13 Jamie Domski with 308 points

#28 Liza Bucsek (R) with 261 points

#12 Halley Hoffman (R) with 178 points

#51 Cayden Fretwell (R) with 150 points

#29 Landyn Cerrillo (R) with 84 points

#15 Lucus Lunsman (R) with 50 points

CSR Registered but did not race

#29 Drake Bendt

#10 Wyatt Bliss

#98 Ryker Mattes (R)

#26 Natalie Bowyer (R)

#18 Buddy Martz (R)

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at our 2017 CSR Awards Banquet

January 13, 2018 from 11:00 to 3:00.

It should be a lot of FUN!!

 View our full schedule.

All pre-approved CSR/MMRA legal race cars are welcome to join the largest, and longest running  Super Cup Series in the Midwest that carries their own insurance.

Its easy to race with CSR, just read our rule book, bring out a legal car, and have FUN!!!

Central States Region Super Cups... Where the future of racing begins.

A setup sheet is available from CSR to help with chassis setup and track notes. Click HERE to download the sheet.

Watch the segment all about the #1 Super Cup Series in the Midwest that was on WGN News.


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